About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that recognizing your own limits is the first step in creating a strategy for pushing beyond them. We’ve seen too many small business owners get bogged down in mundane tasks they aren’t great at in the first place, keeping them from doing what is really important for their businesses. If it doesn’t absolutely require YOU to do it, you should consider letting someone else do it. The world’s most successful businesspeople get that way by focusing on what they do best.

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Our Commitment

Serving businesses and individuals for over 20 years, Searle Financial is committed to serving its clients’ core bookkeeping needs, but we also go above and beyond to help with other aspects of business management. For example, you shouldn’t have to waste half a day trying to set up a new email account or network your laptop and PC or track down a certificate from a vendor, when we have the knowledge and experience to easily help you with those tasks.